The Wisdom of the Wise

In his letter to the Corinthians,

Quoting the book of Isaiah, Paul wrote:

‘I will destroy the wisdom of the wise’.

This bold statement claims that peasants and fools

Are of a purer faith, willing to gain

God’s love and live by the laws of nature.

It asserts that wise men, priests and scholars

Were lost in abstraction, enjoyed worldly

Pleasures and turned away from the true faith.

Maybe this is why his age was lacking

In great teachers, scribes and philosophers

(Seneca and Pliny might disagree),

But to claim it from the mouth of the Lord

Is a deep fraud and one of the gravest

Fallacies that Man has ever produced.

The debt owed to ‘Heathen’ philosophy

By Christian writers is undoubted.

Saint Augustine and Thomas Aquinas

Straight up to Erasmus were influenced

By Plotinus, Aristotle, Plato

And Boethius, even the more Stoic

Like Cicero were read by learned monks.

If God can be only known through study

Of The Bible and universal love,

Often confined to some mystics, well then,

Joseph Priestley, Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin,

Men of the Church, would have taken umbrage

With that backwards looking worldview.

To them, intense study of chemistry,

Laws of motion, even evolution

Was the study of the Works of The Lord.

A series of experiments based on

Observation and inductive reason

Rationalised the Creation, the laws

Removed the mystery, natural finds

Undermined the miracles and designs.

Scientists have released Man from bondage

And created a race of atheists,

Like their Greek counterparts, which must be so

In order to regain the wisdom of the wise.

© 2017 AGP


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