Youthful Bliss

Happiness is a most elusive thing,

Many never reach this perfect feeling,

And like those who mistake lust for true love

Some view pleasure as a gift from above

When this only comes from our senses

Or drug induced chemical releases.

After the greatest high comes a bleak low

As we have to face up to life below,

And the futile long quest to replicate

This sensation ends in a depressed state.

Indeed, too much pleasure is bad for one

As it soon turns into an addiction,

So while a glass of wine or winning bet

Feeds the nervous system from the outset

A few sips turn into a whole jug full

And profits can dwindle to a fistful.

The ancients once turned to mushrooms and plants

To complement sacred, mystical chants

As a means to be at one with The One,

Whether the Great Spirit, God of the Sun

Mother Goddess or even the Devil

One dose took them to another level.

Whereas others turned to meditation

As a means for their soul’s elevation,

They disciplined themselves both day and night

To reject their bodies and reach the light,

But suffered much in order to commit

In spite of the many health benefits.

But would these practices and their promise

Replicate my childhood of youthful bliss?

I had no thought of God or religion,

Too young to be aware of temptation,

Simple pleasures back then would make me smile

The things naughty children did I reviled,

In fact I used to laugh at the adults,

Or pity when they fell as a result

Of slaps from proud women or drinking booze,

And thought that in this life there’s much to lose

If one is blinded by things of no worth

For all things are fleeting that live on Earth.

© 2017 AGP


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