The Outer Layers

I should have known from the first glance I took

That God cannot be found in a guidebook,

Not the Bible, Qur’an or Common Prayer,

The true Holy Spirit is found elsewhere.

Their words are cloaked by the outer layers

Of faith, consisting of prayers

And hymns, proverbs and prophecies,

Customs and laws, myths and allegories.

To some they are one’s guide to life,

And help one’s mind through toil and strife,

They are full of ancient, devout wisdom,

Have outlasted empires and kingdoms.

These words did not come from some divine pen

But were passed down by mouth from mortal men,

Written many decades after events

Which they describe, in temples and in tents.

Even if Genesis was pure fiction

One might believe in the Crucifixion

And read the Sermons with some conviction,

But what made the Resurrection

The biggest hoax in human history

Was that the four Gospels did not agree

Where Jesus’s revelations took place,

From his tomb to Emmaus marked his trace.

To all his disciples in Galilee

Jesus appeared, Matthew and Mark agree.

Only Mark claims Jesus then left the land

To ascend to Heaven by God’s right hand.

And to further complicate the problem

Luke claims he met them in Jerusalem

And led them out as far as Bethany,

But John differs much from the other three.

He says the doors were shut, fearing the Jews,

For all except Thomas, doubting their views.

Eight days later Thomas at last believed,

Only through his vision was this achieved.

Surely if all disciples were present,

Then these saints would have been at the event –

You’d think they would have been of one accord

Unless one if not all of them were frauds?

© 2017 AGP


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