A Week in June, Part 2

Joseph confronts Eve after she closes the door.



So, your lover boy has left you at last.



Now, there’s no need to take that attitude.



But you said he’d make a fine bedfellow.



Yes, but please rest assured, it’s not like that.



And you won’t beg now his hands are untied?



How dare you! When I’m so loyal to you.



You seemed to spend a lot of time with him.



Someone had to play the mother. Besides,

Mostly it was to stay my parents,

They’ve grown attached to him over the years.



I see, that’s what it is, and I haven’t?



Only your cane has got that close to him.

They might even adopt him, now he’s free

From you. Honestly, you treated him like …

Surely not how Jesus would have wanted.



Agh, you academics are all alike.

Enough of that. When does Maureen arrive?



Thirty minutes or so. Oh, but Hilda

Is due to pick me up before that, though.



So I’ll be all alone to deal with it?



It’s in your name, not mine, if you recall.

I don’t want it. I want a child with you.



Now you know I’m impotent, which is why

We went to a sperm bank. Which reminds me,

I should get a letter today. You’ve grown

Slightly bigger of late, but I didn’t

Want to suggest that you’re getting too fat.



Cheeky devil! I wanted to surprize

You once Jacob left, but, well, I’m pregnant.


Joseph kisses and hugs Eve, delighted.



That’s great! I’m so relieved. So the plan worked?



Yeah, I only wished it was your sperm though,

It feels strange, an unknown man’s DNA.



Tell me about it. I feel all on edge.



How come? I  mean, you’ve done all this before.



I know, but I was much younger then.



It’ll be fine. Listen, whether I like

It or not, she’s as much my child as yours,

I’ll be give her as much joy as time allows.



I know, I know, you’ll make a great mother, you really will,

I need something just to help me relax.



We don’t have much time, mind, I must get dressed.

Hilda will faint away if I walk through

Those plush cobbled side streets without a hat.


Whilst Eve is getting prepared and putting her hat on, a letter is posted through the door. Joseph goes downstairs to open it, peruses the contents and his stopped in his tracks. His expression darkens as he purposefully moves up the stairs.



Eve, Dear!


She rushes to him, full of joy, but he grabs her and holds her against the wall.



What in God’s name is this about?


Eve, in a state of shock, holding her temple and crying, remained silent.



If you will not answer, then have a read!


Joseph thrusts the letter under her nose, as she gasps for breath.



Slut! You didn’t go to the sperm doctor!


Eve looks down in shame, coughing and spluttering.



Who’s the father? Tell me! Tell me I say!


Eve shakes her head. Joseph pushes her, part way down the stairs.



So … some … someone … I …  knew from Uni!



Oh so that’s where you’ve been! You’re dead to me!


Joseph pushes her down the rest of the stairs in disgust. Just then the doorbell rings, with constant knocking. Hilda, who heard Eve’s screaming from next door, tries to barge her way in. She puts her hand through the letter box and can feel Eve’s hand. She raises it and Eve musters the strength to open the door. Meanwhile, Joseph rushes through the side passage, runs through the garden over the fence and away.



Oh God! What has he done! My poor, poor Eve.



My arm! My arm! It’s in pieces! I can’t …


Hilda dials 999.



Please answer … Hi, I need an ambulance, …

No, not to the NHS hospital,

The private one by the Roundhouse … that’s it …

My name’s Hilda Jenkins … No, not for me,

It’s for Ms Eve Hawthorn… Horstgrab Mansion,

Just off Bateley Crescent, Bournemoor… she’s in

Great pain, looks like her left side’s in tatters …

I’m her neighbour… and I need the police

As well … Yes, her partner pushed her and run

Away, he’s a dirty bugger… no, thanks,

Please just hurry, hurry … I’ll be here …  Bye.



I’m in so much … so much … so much …



Don’t say a thing, Eve, just hold on to me.


Hilda gets a blanket and places it over Eve, kisses her on the lips and cheeks, and strokes her hair, holding her other arm, sobbing.



You’re in good hands, the best in fact. It’s just

As well you’ve gone private, that much I’ll say.



But the letter …? Oh Lord, where’s the letter?


Hilda looks around but can’t find it anywhere and shrugs her shoulders.



He must have taken it. He knows, Hilda.



What does her know, Eve? … Eve? Can you hear me?


Eve passes out as Hilda sobs, holding her in her arms.



God, please arrive, before it is too late.

© 2017 AGP


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