A Week in June, Part 12

Jacob rings the door for reception. Angie comes to open the door and let him in.



Ah, you must be Jacob, come on through to

My office, I’m Angie.



It’s a pleasure.


They shake hands and walk through to Angie’s office.



Please, turn around, let me have a good look.


Jacob turns around, and Angie surveys him from all angles.



My my, you are a perfect fit. You’ve got

Something special. Youthful, vulnerable.



Vulnerable … Joan thinks that’s a weakness.



What does she know? She just works in a dead

End job helping lowlifes into litter

Picking, mindless retail and warehousing.



I’m sure some can’t help their situation.



Maybe, but that’s still got nothing to do with modelling.


Jacob sighs and nods in agreement.



Besides, women are your target genre,

Primarily, and some fall for a hint

Of insecurity. Macho men are

Just too fake and chauvinistic, they’ve no

Notion about romance outside of the




Women fall for muscles, as well.



Yeah, more fool them. Besides, you’ve got

Muscles. OK, maybe you’re toned and lean,

So you’re not built like a rugby player,

But they’re not half as beautiful as you.

Beauty is what attracts. I don’t find that

Many suitable male models, they’re so,

So rare. They seem to be afraid to look

Slightly unmasculine.



Even gay ones?



Not all gay men are camp, you know, though I

Understand them less than you know women.



Now, tell me more about these photo shoots.


Angie passes Jacob a few prints from underneath her desk, and he’s immediately fixated by them.



Right. Well here’s a couple of prints to get

An idea of the poses. The first

One is of a young man leaning against

A gate in the country. Notice just how

Distant he looks, he’s all pensive with his

Hands out of view. And the other’s of a

Typically philosophical pose,

Like in Melancholia by Dürer.



There’s much sadness and longing in their eyes.

I know …  without parents to call my own.



Angelica was right.



She’s the painter?



Oh, forgive me! That’s right, she is. I shall

Let her explain. She’ll be here soon. Let’s get

A few photos done first, so she can get

An idea … stand over there, by the

White screen, this won’t take long. Now, just relax.


Jacob walks over to the white screen and alters his body poses in accordance with Angie’s instructions. Angie takes several photos once the poses are satisfactory.



Please, put your arms in your pockets, and look

Towards the door, right over there. Perfect …

OK. Kneel down and cross your hands between

Your knees, look up slightly towards my hands,

Not directly, so we can get a slight

Shadow …  That’s wonderful, it really is! …

Now, finally, take that chair over there …

Good. Sit down, to the right, and rest your head

On your elbow … Now, part your lips slightly …

Got it! Just one more now, raise your eyes so

Slightly… that’s it! Now that wasn’t so hard?



I hope that was the last, It’s tedious.


Angie laughs and gives Jacob a mock slap across the face.



Oh no, think of it as your calling card.



Thank God. Can I have it in black and white?



Of course. Besides, most of your modelling …

Let me explain, sit down right where you were.


They both walk back to Angie’s desk.


Right. There’ll be lots of posing for life art

Classes in the local college, you know,

Sculpture, painting, drawing, that sort of thing.



You mean without any clothes on at all?



I can’t be sure. There’s a variety …

Nudes are part and parcel of art, you know?



Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind it, it’s just …

Perfect strangers ogling … it freaks me out!

You never know what they may have in mind …



Now you know how a young women might feel.

Listen, we vet all our clients, and all of them

Has a DBS check. As you will be,

Though I gather that you’re record is clean.



That’s more than can be said for my foster

Father, Joseph Horstrgrab, that lousy louse.



Oh, him! It’s the talk of the town! You mean

To say …?  I looked at your surname and just

Assumed …  I’m so sorry for you, I had

No idea. He sound like an ogre.



Well, it’s over,  for me, at least but as

For him… I’d be willing to pay for the

Electric chair. I’d turn the amps up high.



You’ll be at the front of a long, long queue.

Right, now back to your modeling. Classes

Take place at the local college on each

Tuesday and, erm, Thursday evening, that’s for

Adults, and in the day on a Monday

And then Wednesday for the art school students,

Uni dropouts, and all other budding

Geniuses. All these classes start in

September. I can put your name forward

For all of the slots, if you wish. You might

Not be the sole model, it all depends

On the class size and the student demand.



That sounds ideal, just what I need. What else?



I hope you’ll be Angelica’s muse, which

Means a constant stream of posing for her.

Also, for sunglasses, coats and the like.



More boring snaps?



No no, it’s your chance to impress buyers.



Like catwalking, you mean?



Not quite, but not far off. These are for the

Designers who hope to impress major

Outlets. I’ll send you the details in an

Email later. You’ll be part of a pool

Of candidates, but as they are looking

For males as well, you’ll be at the front of

The queue. The only thing left now is to

Fill out this form in order to enroll.

Angelica should have arrived by then.



Miss Angelica Manford is welcomed through the reception area to the office, where she is introduced to Jacob by Angie.



Jacob, may I present Angelica?


They walk toward each other, stop for a second, then shake hands and kiss each other on the cheek, fixing their eyes on each other. Angie places another chair at the desk.



Well say something, you two, don’t just stand there!


They both blush and bashfully smile, taking their seats at the desk.



It’s strange, I search and search for that special

Subject, then I’m made dumb by its presence.



I’m the dumb one, I couldn’t paint like you.



No, but forget these lines and those colours …

You’re the painting itself.



That’s the fate of biology.



Not the spirit?



A mere machination. It animates

The whole body.



But … you’ll … animate my canvas.



Would you like a cup of tea or coffee?



The usual, a Jasmine tea.



Jasmine? I’ve not tried that.



Oh you should, it’s divine. Divine, like you.



Two Jasmine teas it is.


Jacob blushes. Angie leaves the room.



I see I’m not the only one who likes

To keep secrets.



You and I go waaaay back, Mr Moraine.

Ah, but, you’re too young to remember it.

My sweet nana, God rest her soul, used to

Babysit you, before your parents died.


Jacob jumps out of his chair and holds both hands to his forehead, pulling his fringe, before waving them both in the air.



Oh my God! I feel so …



I know how, I … didn’t mean to … I’ve kept

It all hidden … so long I wanted to …


Jacob sits back down, pauses and reflects for a moment, before reaching out for Angelica’s hand, who puts an arm around Jacob’s shoulder and kisses him gently on the cheek.



Before their crash, your parents were good friends

With mine. I was only a few years old

At the time you were born, but I recall

Watching Nana giving you baths, changing

Nappies and reading you bedtime stories.


Jacob starts to sob, and Angelica gives him a cuddle, as he releases many tears.



I would suggest that you meet my parents,

But they’re living in Wales, maybe not yet.



I’m meeting with a friend tonight, so you’re

Welcome to join us for some food and drink

In a quaint inn, it serves Austrian food.



Good choice. About seven, is that OK?



Suits me. And your parents, after the crash …

Didn’t they have a say about where I …?



Well yeah, they did. I mean, it would have cost

Us far too much money to raise you, they

Struggled enough with me, and none of your

Distant relatives were interested.

Then Joseph came along … no one knew at

The time how he’d turn out. Everybody

Sympathises with you and Eve. She’s had

Lots of visitors this morning … besides,

It’s more complicated. There was a girl,

Another child. We could not take you both.



Another child? You mean, I’ve a sister?

Joseph never told me of that. Mind you,

I guess he didn’t want me to find out.



Not a sister, cousin, but you two were

So close, always playing and clapping hands.

It’s such a shame, that your uncle and aunt

Died in the same car crash, they were such fun.


Jacob suddenly turned pale and felt quite dizzy for a short spell, but then quickly regained his colour.



I can’t recall her name, at least not quite.

My Mum said she was named after … after

A pianist, but there are lots of those!



You mean Clara? As in Clara Haskil?



Clara! That’s it! You mean, you know her? Wow!



Only for like two days. Clara’s who we’re

Meeting tonight! I knew that her parents …

Just wait until I tell her we’re cousins!

She might have mixed feelings, She fancies me.



It’s hard not to … I mean, there’s lots of men

Around, but to find a cousin’s precious.



And to find a family friend on the same day …



Especially one who’ll be my muse.


Angie enters with the pot of tea and pours it out. Jacob takes a sip and gives it a big thumbs up.



Well, has Angelica has told her secret?



Yes. Both of them.



Jacob has a cousin.



Ah yes, you said.



But I also know her.


Angie almost drops her cup of tea at the surprize.



Well now, what are the odds of that! It seems

Like a jolly old knees up is in store!



Listen, Jacob, are you available

Tomorrow to come to my studio?



I can’t, I’ve already made plans. Friday, I can,

Maybe around the same time as today?



That will be great. But if you change your mind

Before we meet, ring me. Here’s my number.


Angelica passes Jacob her business card.



Thank you. Right now, I have an engagement

With the bookies.



So my muse has a vice?



Old fashioned view of gambling, I suppose?



No, I said it in jest. My Dad always

Bets on the pools, so it would be wrong of

Me to say no. Betting on the Euros?



I might do but Royal Ascot comes first.

You see, that’s where I’m going tomorrow.



Wow, you lucky devil! I don’t approve

Of betting on horses, that’s neither here

Nor there, but I’ve always wanted to do

A painting of a race meeting, it’s the

Microcosm of all society.

You must have heard of that painting by Frith,

The Derby Day. I’ll take you to see it,

At Tate Britain. Think of it as a date.


Angelica gives Jacob a tender kiss on the lips. Jacob smiles and blushes.



That was my first ever … I must finish

My tea and go. Where is your studio?



It’s just along from you. We’re like neighbours!



Yay! We can have late night drinking sessions

Every night!



If you provide the booze.


Jacob nods in agreement, and finishes his cup of tea in one gulp.



It’s been wonderful meeting you, Jacob.

I’ll see you soon, no doubt? I think

I’ve booked you in for next Monday,

But please check your email just to make sure.


Jacob gives Angie a firm handshake.



You’ve already done more than I could have

Wished for. See you tonight, Angelica.


Angelica waves goodbye and blows Jacob a kiss.


© 2017 AGP


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