Age of Reason

Creative thoughts and visions once held sway

In the minds of Blake, Yeats and Mallarmé,

Their words were passageways of mystery

But are sadly confined to history.

New Age culture suddenly reigns supreme

To feed those who broke from of the old regime,

Wrapping new clothes over a dead body,

Changing the tone of the same melody.

But neither is the truth but sheer nonsense

To those who claim to have intelligence.

Ever since the Age of Enlightenment

They’ve left the cave of disillusionment

And since applied a rational mindset,

Then all received wisdom was soon reset

On what we see and hear and feel,

Disproving all superstition with zeal.

The sacred rites and prayers that once impressed

Had the brains of naive folk long oppressed,

Now the only practice which makes men free

Is logic and science in harmony.

© 2017 AGP


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