Castor and Pollux

O Zeus, hear my desperate cry!

Castor is all alone!

Venture forth from Mount Olympus,

Take charge beyond your throne!

He is dying, mortal brother,

Leaving me here to mourn.

Killed by Idas with a sharp spear,

All cherished hopes are torn.

Pollux, my son, I hear your cry,

The truth is full of grief,

His heart pumps not our noble blood

His life on earth is brief.

And now the fate of mortal men

Awaits that rich horseman,

But he can still regain his soul

With half your blessed life span.  

Off to the Heavens we shall ride,

Live as stars forever!

Now half my immortality

To Castor I sever!

Awake, brother, golden hunter,

Awake from your last sleep.

The righteous Gods will welcome you,

Up high and in the deep.

© 2017 AGP


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