Age of Reason

Creative thoughts and visions once held sway In the minds of Blake, Yeats and Mallarmé, Their words were passageways of mystery But are sadly confined to history. New Age culture suddenly reigns supreme To feed those who broke from of the old regime, Wrapping new clothes over a dead body, Changing the tone of the… Continue reading Age of Reason


A Week in June: Part 17

After the painting session has finished, the two settle down, beer in hand, to watch the England v Wales football match, which is now in its final moments.   Angelica: Looks like your boys have let you down. That will Teach you to bet against the mighty Wales.   Jacob: Because they parked the bus,… Continue reading A Week in June: Part 17

A Week in June: Part 15

Clara meets Jacob at the Austrian restaurant, stumbles across the pavement in her high heels, wiping the tears from her face, folding her arms in a hump.   Jacob: Hello, Clara.   Clara: Jacob.   Jacob: What’s wrong?   Clara: Sorry, it’s … it’s Cesca. We’ve just had a Dust-up. She’s like totally in the… Continue reading A Week in June: Part 15

A Week in June: Part 13

Jacob walks past the round house when his mobile rings, which he promptly answers.   Jacob: Hello, Jacob speaking.   Eve: Jacob, it’s Eve, I’ve got my mum with me. Can you come over to the hospital?   Jacob: Of course, I’m just walking past as it Happens, I’ll be there before you know it.… Continue reading A Week in June: Part 13