Castor and Pollux

O Zeus, hear my desperate cry! Castor is all alone! Venture forth from Mount Olympus, Take charge beyond your throne! He is dying, mortal brother, Leaving me here to mourn. Killed by Idas with a sharp spear, All cherished hopes are torn. Pollux, my son, I hear your cry, The truth is full of grief,… Continue reading Castor and Pollux


An Outlaw Messiah

I went down to my people But none recognised me there. I told them I was Jesus Christ And was given a mocking stare. 'Our Lord left us so long ago,' They laughed and scorned without a care. I was passed for a murderer Who left many in grave despair. I showed for them a… Continue reading An Outlaw Messiah

In the Forest of Lost Fortune

In the Forest of Lost Fortune cries The one eyed owl of the reddened moon; Sheltering under starry skies Each night he hoots a banished tune.   Come thither his nocturnal fleet, Trees uproot like a marching band; Branches shake to his cosmic beat Resounding deep throughout the land.   Under the twilight leaves change… Continue reading In the Forest of Lost Fortune

A Week in June: Part 17

After the painting session has finished, the two settle down, beer in hand, to watch the England v Wales football match, which is now in its final moments.   Angelica: Looks like your boys have let you down. That will Teach you to bet against the mighty Wales.   Jacob: Because they parked the bus,… Continue reading A Week in June: Part 17