Thoughts of a Disgruntled Punter

Lay the filly causing a mess, The owner is under duress; Take that slow nag to pastures roam, If the ambulance beats her home.   They say a new prophet is sworn,   Surely not in a stable born; On the gallops they dance and weave, But most of them simply deceive.   I had… Continue reading Thoughts of a Disgruntled Punter


In the Forest of Lost Fortune

In the Forest of Lost Fortune cries The one eyed owl of the reddened moon; Sheltering under starry skies Each night he hoots a banished tune.   Come thither his nocturnal fleet, Trees uproot like a marching band; Branches shake to his cosmic beat Resounding deep throughout the land.   Under the twilight leaves change… Continue reading In the Forest of Lost Fortune

A Week in June: Part 17

After the painting session has finished, the two settle down, beer in hand, to watch the England v Wales football match, which is now in its final moments.   Angelica: Looks like your boys have let you down. That will Teach you to bet against the mighty Wales.   Jacob: Because they parked the bus,… Continue reading A Week in June: Part 17

A Week in June: Part 15

Clara meets Jacob at the Austrian restaurant, stumbles across the pavement in her high heels, wiping the tears from her face, folding her arms in a hump.   Jacob: Hello, Clara.   Clara: Jacob.   Jacob: What’s wrong?   Clara: Sorry, it’s … it’s Cesca. We’ve just had a Dust-up. She’s like totally in the… Continue reading A Week in June: Part 15