A Veiled Nomad

A veiled nomad stands in the midst of a Valley, and in front of an old yew tree She stretches wide her arms, extending from Her forehead to her waist, like long palm leaves, And thus creates a portal for me to Enter. Inside is a crossroads where the Stretch of dirt track leads to… Continue reading A Veiled Nomad


A Letter: Lord Tollemache to Miss Ellie

Dear Miss Ellie, for many years I have Gladly bought fruit and veg from your cabin. How oft you looked and sighed. It's true, There were others, dressed in their finery, Who offered me a garland of roses, But these prickled my hands and cut my arms. Besides, they were only interested In worldly ways… Continue reading A Letter: Lord Tollemache to Miss Ellie

Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms, a composer who died alone But left to us in melody and tone, Out of plain themes, seamless transformations Into complex, Baroque variations. He mastered the technique of counterpoint And perfected a lyrical viewpoint.   The Schumanns first recognised his talent, Clara thought the blue eyed beauty was sent From God, and so… Continue reading Johannes Brahms

In the Forest of Lost Fortune

In the Forest of Lost Fortune cries The one eyed owl of the reddened moon; Sheltering under starry skies Each night he hoots a banished tune.   Come thither his nocturnal fleet, Trees uproot like a marching band; Branches shake to his cosmic beat Resounding deep throughout the land.   Under the twilight leaves change… Continue reading In the Forest of Lost Fortune