Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms, a composer who died alone But left to us in melody and tone, Out of plain themes, seamless transformations Into complex, Baroque variations. He mastered the technique of counterpoint And perfected a lyrical viewpoint.   The Schumanns first recognised his talent, Clara thought the blue eyed beauty was sent From God, and so… Continue reading Johannes Brahms


On Laughter

There are many health benefits To a full laugh, more than a smile. Endorphines are released, and stress Hormones like cortisol reduced. Many tensions of modern life Can be broken with an outburst Of laughter at a comedy.   It’s also one of the finest Expressions of one’s liberty In the face of your enemy.… Continue reading On Laughter

My Desert Island Books

Robert Burton - The Anatomy of Melancholy (NYRB Classics, 2001) First published in 1621, it is still a fairly accurate medical treatise, in spite of modern advances beyond the 'four humours’. The melancholia here corresponds to modern day clinical depression, but chiefly it's a fascinating, informative and entertaining account of those afflicted, an analysis of… Continue reading My Desert Island Books

In the Forest of Lost Fortune

In the Forest of Lost Fortune cries The one eyed owl of the reddened moon; Sheltering under starry skies Each night he hoots a banished tune.   Come thither his nocturnal fleet, Trees uproot like a marching band; Branches shake to his cosmic beat Resounding deep throughout the land.   Under the twilight leaves change… Continue reading In the Forest of Lost Fortune