A Veiled Nomad

A veiled nomad stands in the midst of a Valley, and in front of an old yew tree She stretches wide her arms, extending from Her forehead to her waist, like long palm leaves, And thus creates a portal for me to Enter. Inside is a crossroads where the Stretch of dirt track leads to… Continue reading A Veiled Nomad


A Letter: Lord Tollemache to Miss Ellie

Dear Miss Ellie, for many years I have Gladly bought fruit and veg from your cabin. How oft you looked and sighed. It's true, There were others, dressed in their finery, Who offered me a garland of roses, But these prickled my hands and cut my arms. Besides, they were only interested In worldly ways… Continue reading A Letter: Lord Tollemache to Miss Ellie

Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms, a composer who died alone But left to us in melody and tone, Out of plain themes, seamless transformations Into complex, Baroque variations. He mastered the technique of counterpoint And perfected a lyrical viewpoint.   The Schumanns first recognised his talent, Clara thought the blue eyed beauty was sent From God, and so… Continue reading Johannes Brahms

My Desert Island Books

Robert Burton - The Anatomy of Melancholy (NYRB Classics, 2001) First published in 1621, it is still a fairly accurate medical treatise, in spite of modern advances beyond the 'four humours’. The melancholia here corresponds to modern day clinical depression, but chiefly it's a fascinating, informative and entertaining account of those afflicted, an analysis of… Continue reading My Desert Island Books