A Week in June: Final Part

Jacob gets off the bus at the exit for the cemetery. He walks up a couple of narrow path to the gate, where he greets the guard.   Guard: Good afternoon, young man. Have you a pass?   Jacob: Erm, no, but I have a card here from Miss Angelica Manford. She sent me here.… Continue reading A Week in June: Final Part


A Week in June: Part 17

After the painting session has finished, the two settle down, beer in hand, to watch the England v Wales football match, which is now in its final moments.   Angelica: Looks like your boys have let you down. That will Teach you to bet against the mighty Wales.   Jacob: Because they parked the bus,… Continue reading A Week in June: Part 17

A Week in June: Part 15

Clara meets Jacob at the Austrian restaurant, stumbles across the pavement in her high heels, wiping the tears from her face, folding her arms in a hump.   Jacob: Hello, Clara.   Clara: Jacob.   Jacob: What’s wrong?   Clara: Sorry, it’s … it’s Cesca. We’ve just had a Dust-up. She’s like totally in the… Continue reading A Week in June: Part 15

A Week in June: Part 13

Jacob walks past the round house when his mobile rings, which he promptly answers.   Jacob: Hello, Jacob speaking.   Eve: Jacob, it’s Eve, I’ve got my mum with me. Can you come over to the hospital?   Jacob: Of course, I’m just walking past as it Happens, I’ll be there before you know it.… Continue reading A Week in June: Part 13

A Week in June, Part 10

DCI Simmonds presses the buzzer at the front entrance. Jacob answers.   Jacob: Hello?   DCI Simmonds: Jacob Moraine?   Jacob: Yes, who’s calling?   DCI Simmonds: At last, we’ve been trying to contact you All day. It’s the police. Don’t worry, you’re Not in trouble, but I want to get a Statement from you… Continue reading A Week in June, Part 10